A performance by Koreja

The white house which...

Written by: Francesco Niccolini
Directed by: Enzo Toma
Cast: Giorgia Cocozza, Carlo Durante, Silvia Ricciardelli
Scenes: Iole Cilento
Scenography assistant: Porziana Catalano
Direction assistant: Tonio De Nitto
light designer: Marco Oliani
Technician: Angelo Piccinni
Production: Laura Scorrano

A performance against the feeling of fear and lonelyness that two children could get A performance about the risk of misunderstanding and about the power of words and about how, sometimes a shadow is enough to fall into anxiety.
A performance about the extraordinary power of imagination and music, which can save your life and take away from fear and from the darkness of the night, in the name of love.
A performance abou thte passing of time, about the relation between brother and sister, and between them and their grandmother who, while gets older, turn into a baby. It may happen that care, love and play between generations turn round and bright of new beauty...
Brother and sister, yet adult, come back to their old holiday-house, to their grandmother, who is going to leave them.In that magical house, they live back old fears and emotions, they were risking to loose forever. Everything was possible thanks to a record player and their magical grandmother.
And right in the grandmother's house, with the abandoned record player, the old story of "Hansel e Gretel" starts over in their life and especially on that night. In this way we can realise that the fable, together with the noises, the darkness, the words the wind and this strange grandmother, still fears children. not only: by activating the memories, we can cancel the bad thoughts of our childhood and the grandmother, in the last night before leaving, turns into a magical tool, which bequeathes precious goods... very precious.



Next date:

14 gennaio 2018

at 18:30

Foggia, Teatro Umberto Giordano

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