Koreja - Centro di Produzione Teatrale (Lecce)


wrote and directed by Riccardo Lanzarone
music by Giorgio Distante
light Michelangelo Volpe
painting Pietro Distante
organization Giulia Maria Falzea
costumes Bianca Maria Sitzia
costumes assistant Lilian Indraccolo

What happens when a simple man must stay in a hospital?
Salvatore Geraci, ex fireworks from Sicily, tells us his life: his time is suspended, he has to stay alone, no words, just people that look each other, feel hope and be abandonment.
Black Code enter in the patient's private life and inner thinking. He just waits his turn. To wait becomes the anteroom of a personal area which reveals who you were before illness, and imagine how you will be after.
Waiting time is undefined and shapeless: Salvatore lives inside in a balance between present, past and future.
He remembers who he was and does not know who will be
Salvatore waits and never stop asking: "It's up to me?"
In the mean while arrange a firework that could be explode in time or not.
But, what have in common the healthcare and gunpowder?


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Next date:

13 ottobre 2018

at 21:00

Udine, Spazio del Circo all'inCirca

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