"Listening to the voice of those who have crossed the boundaries
as they are made. How the cities and rivers are made,
the walls and their guardians, the prisons and their keepers,
the armies and their generals? The marauders and their coves.
How travel companions are made, and why
- at some point - they are called comrades.
How the boats are made. How the waves of the sea
are made. How the darkness of the night is.
How are made the lights that turned on in the darkness
Alessandro Leogrande - The border



Theatre is this, an imaginary line that welcomes, contains and protects, pushes us to go further, to overcome. To risk, to bet. Finis and limes. Borders without which there would be no leap in the beyond. In the other one. A theatre that puts preconstituted models into crisis and is able to steal the boundaries that each has accepted for himself. That is the dimension of the known and, at the same time, of the unknown. A terrain in which we continually explore; an elastic space where emotions and languages overlook unknown territories.
We thought about a trip to the forgotten places that hide wounds, because boundary is also the recession of a prison, or in wonderful places that become the space of common voices, where the boundary with history is violated by the new life that crosses it.
This theatre is, above all, a political choice of openness to those who are different and forces you, for the only fact of existing, to choose which side to stay. This is why we decided to dedicate the 2018 edition to Alessandro Leogrande, a friend, a travel and sense partner. Man who knew where to stay.
The theatre is a large boat that flies us far. It is a passage. An area of emotional frontier that pushes us beyond the sea, towards other boats and other landings. However, always, theatre is an exercise of freedom.




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