It’s the time of poetry, once again. A necessary time. And the theater, which is nothing more than a form of poetry, seeks and rediscovers the land from which it comes, in the places that belong to it most: a former brick factory on the outskirts of Lecce which is now an international theater, an ancient stately home in Aradeo that becomes a palace of contemporary art and, beyond the Adriatic sea of intimacy, Albania, sister homeland. The Teatro dei Luoghi Fest 2019 is a festival of the word, not just the spoken or written one but, most importantly, a word that can be imagined with a dancing body or the circus one, a word that accompanies music and photography. A party attentive to the spaces that it does not want to occupy, but with which to coexist, favoring its forms and ancient memories. The desired and pursued reconstruction of shadows and ghosts that guide us, that remind us how much this land has been regenerated, and recreated, by those outposts of cultural resistance which are just poems arising from the parched red earth. And if, “no one listens to us because we say the same things, because we have the same voice”, then let us raise our voices, let us say it in poetry.




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