Laudaci imprese, larme, le cortesie, larte, gli amori

Spettacolo di Strada
Di Carlo Durante e Silvia Ricciardelli
Costumi ed elementi di scena: Porziana Catalano e Iole Cilento
Con: Lucio Caprioli, Lian Cavalera, Giorgio Distante, Giulia Falzea, Maria Grazia Gioffr, Anna Chiara Ingrosso, Andrea Listorti, Leandro Loiacono, Valentina Miceli, Giovanni Ruggieri, Fabio Zullino.
Musiche originali: Giorgio Distante

"The first impression is that these knights don't really know what they want: they chase for a bit,
they duel for a little, they twist for a bit, and they're always about to change their mind"

(Italo Calvino - Orlando Furioso)


The masks and the tales of the Orlando Furioso are the background of a street show that becomes an elegant and funny bestiary of amateur duelists, a rabble of punished and saved warriors. Orlando, the swaggering leader that moves dancing and singing, his cousin Astolfo, English prince, handsome and fascinated by women, Bradamante, warrior in love with her lost love, Marfisa, fair queen of Indies, wandering horsewoman with a feminist point, Rodomonte the Moor, gigantic leader as fast as a train and then Isabella, the faithful damsel that has lost her head for love and the sorceresses Alcina, Logistilla and Morgana, three sisters that fight with each other but are forced to live in one body. All guided by Hippogriff, a long-legged colossus of feathers.
A child, modern Tintin, throwing the human Dice, dispenser of tales at every number, moves the game and the parade. With them the Musicman: a set of metal and brass that plays on the dangerous streets of love and madness.




16 luglio 2018

at 21:00

Aradeo, Palazzo Grassi

admission free


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